Round House have recently invested in a host of new Kemppi welding plants and equipment to be distributed around our workshop for our team of welder fabricators. This machinery will not only help improve our fabricators welds, but will help Round House become more productive for several reasons.

Firstly, we have purchased the Kemppi Fastmig X5, which in the words of Kemppi themselves, “is a versatile arc welding powerhouse”. Time is money within the fabrication industry and the new welding technology we possess will allow us to weld faster without compromising on quality. The clean, high-quality welds that the X5 produces mean that we not only weld faster, but save time in the clean-up process as they produce significantly less spatter.

The ergonomic design of the X5 FastMig does not only make day-to-day work easier for our fabricators, but it speeds up production. The top loading wire feeder ensures that everything is stored appropriately, and equipment is not lying around on the floor, this will both speed up production by reducing setup time and improve workshop safety. This in turn will mean that Round House cuts down the time it takes to complete items which improves our efficiency. Our fabricators, accompanied by these welding plants are an essential part of Round House’s process, by investing in them, the whole process becomes more productive.

Kemppi Welding Plant

Safety within the workshop is further improved by the ergonomic design that minimises the amount of lifting our team must undertake. They are now simply able to slide the gas bottles used onto the plant that are then tilted upwards into position, without having to strain themselves to attach the bottle manually.

Another piece of equipment we have invested in is the MinarcTig Evo. These are easily portable welding plants that can be made readily available in any part of the workshop at a moments notice. Only weighing 11kg and being able to store more than 100 meters of cable means that they can be utilised in varying welding environments. These are great for Round House as we always have varying demand throughout the workshop, so being able to instantly adapt is essential.

Altogether, Round House have invested in 4 different types of welding plant that will not only improve the working environment for our fabricators by improving safety within the workshop, emitting less noise during welding and being more ergonomically designed, but will also improve the productivity and efficiency of our business. This new equipment speeds up welds, decreases set up time, creates less spatter & higher quality welds and uses significantly less power. A good investment if you ask us!

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