What is the Kickstart Scheme?

The Kickstart scheme was introduced with the aim of creating six month paid work placements for young individuals, aged between 16 and 24, who were at risk of long-term unemployment. The government will fund each placement, paying the minimum wage for 25 hours per week, however the organisation can top up the Kickstarts wages (if they want to).

Employers of all sizes and in various industries can receive funding for offering new roles, for every young person a company hires they will receive £1500 to support their learning. This opportunity will benefit both the employee and the organisation, as the Kickstart could bring with them fresh ideas that help the business grow whilst the organisation could potentially be providing the employee with a life changing opportunity.

What are the benefits for the Kickstart?

The aim of the Kickstart Initiative is to build and provide skills to young individuals that will better help them find employment in the future. The employee will gain essential hard and soft skills by working in a real workplace environment, which will mould them into less of a useless number and more of a desirable employee that can add value to any organisation.

The Kickstart scheme will embed fundamental soft qualities into the employee and consist of attributes that make the individual a ‘good’ worker. These qualities may include punctuality, a good work ethic, communication and leadership and will be crucial to the Kickstarts future career. In essence, the Kickstart scheme will introduce the individual into the world of work. Additionally, the Kickstart scheme will provide the individual with a set of hard skills that come with working in a real workplace environment. These skills will depend on the type of organisation but may include Marketing, Economics, Computer Science, Data Analysis, Accounting and Finance as well as countless other potential opportunities.

These opportunities may provide the Kickstart with a push in the right direction, that sends them on a career path they never thought they would experience, or simply be the stepping-stone they needed to get them into the world of work and out of unemployment. Whichever it may be, the Kickstarter will gain skills they can take with them for the rest of their professional careers.

What are the benefits of the Kickstart scheme for the organisation?

Organisations that choose to adopt the Kickstart scheme will be supported in doing so by the government through additional funding. This funding should be used to provide the Kickstart with the training and support they require to get up to speed within the organisation, but also provide them with any equipment or PPE they may need.

Funding aside, the Kickstart programme is a brilliant way to attract new talent, that are hungry to work and progress their careers in your organisation. At the conclusion of the 6-month placement, you may wish to offer the employee an apprenticeship or permanent position to further develop their skills so that they can continue to add value to your organisation, or, you may not.

The Kickstart scheme for Round House is therefore not only a great opportunity for the individual, but also a great opportunity for us as a company to build our workforce from the ground up, investing in the talent of tomorrow.

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