Our Managing Director Daniel Leggett and Mark Warren our Energy Division Project Manager attended the Sizewell C East Suffolk Conference earlier this week, regarding the proposed nuclear power plant on the Suffolk coast.

The Sizewell C design is based on Hinkley Point C in Somerset, the power plant that is currently under construction and the blueprint for the new wave of low carbon nuclear power plants. At the peak of Sizewell C’s construction, 7800 workers will be required, one third of these are expected to be home based with the remainder requiring accommodation, a contributing factor to the project being worth 4.4 billion to the region, and 2 billion to Suffolk alone.

The proposed plant will not only generate electricity for 6 million homes for 60 years (30% of the UK), whilst also avoiding 9 million tonnes of carbon emissions being released into the atmosphere each year, but will provide local jobs, training and education benefits to the surrounding communities. EDF Energy want to ensure that the benefits to the local community outweigh the disruption that will occur during the construction phase, therefore around 2,600 local jobs will be established during peak construction generating £125 million per year for the local economy and £40 million per year during the 60 years of operation.

Furthermore, UK based companies such as us at Round House will receive 70% of the project’s construction value, worth over £14 billion! With an emphasis on these being in the East Anglian region. This will greatly benefit the UK’s engineering industry as well as help support around 70,000 jobs and businesses up and down the country.

Sizewell C will be of great benefit to the surrounding areas, communities and local businesses such as ourselves, helping to build back the economy post COVID-19 and is also an essential step in preparing for a fully electric future.

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