As the return of education creeps ever closer, it is time to say goodbye and a big thank you to Faith Wright and Finn Aldermann who have been working with us at Round House, taking part in summer internships!

Faith Wright:

Throughout her time at Round House, Faith worked as an accounts intern and experienced how the company was run on a day-to-day basis first hand.

Faith enjoyed her internship at Roundhouse as it introduced her to the engineering industry and the world of work. She now understands that having a good work ethic and always keeping busy is essential to having a successful career in the future.

Faith liked Roundhouse as she was able to work independently, but there was always someone to help her and offer her advice when she needed it. 

Overall, Faith rated her summer working at Roundhouse as an 8/10.

Finn Aldermann:

During his time at Roundhouse, Finn loved that everyone working around him was always willing to help him out. Any questions or queries he had could always be answered as ‘everyone knows everything’ about the company and this industry of work.

Daniel Leggett (our managing director) was very welcoming from the outset and was always free to have a chat about any issues Finn had. At 16, Finn was obviously very anxious about starting his first job, however, this immediately dissipated due to the welcoming team here at Roundhouse.

Overall, Finn rated his summer working at Roundhouse as a 9/10 and would recommend internships at Round House to a friend!

Round House are always willing to offer internships to motivated individuals that are looking to gain fundamental experience in the industry and business in general. Don’t be afraid to get in touch with us to see how we can help you advance in your career!